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        AmTrust E&S Select

        AmTrust E&S Select Business Division is a dedicated
        underwriting and service team focused on improving your ease of doing business

        Our Business Focus

        Understanding that speed, efficiency and responsiveness are the keys to building a successful underwriting relationship, we provide our
        clients with a complete range of competitive property and casualty products that are complemented by the support of dedicated underwriters,
        claims professionals and an easy-to-use online platform to achieve quick underwriting and pricing decisions

        Contract Binding Operations

        Contract Binding Operations

        AmTrust E&S offers a contract binding facility to select wholesale general agents with personnel skilled in binding authorities and a proven track record of underwriting excellence.
        Select Online

        Select Online

        We focus on small commercial accounts that due to their size, nature of operations or unusual hazards have limited coverage options in the standard market.
        Cyber Liability

        Cyber Liability Coverage

        The financial and reputational consequences caused by a data breach could include loss of or closing of business, regulatory fines, cost of forensics, notifications, service for impacted customers, and litigation resulting from negligence.


        EPLI Coverage

        Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is a valuable insurance product specifically designed to protect businesses from employment practices liability exposure. It is inexpensive, comprehensive and provides free risk and employee management services previously available only to larger companies.